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Conscious life dreaming (English, duh.)

Udgivet 01/07 - 2016
What are dreams? What is consciousness? What is life?

Many of us have learned to distinguish between our life (being awake), and the dream experiences (being asleep). You know, because when we are awake we like to try explaining everything somehow. Make it understandable to the limited ego mind and the asociated brain... Anyway! It is my understanding that it is the same consciousness, having these seemingly different experiences. Thus I believe there really is no difference between being awake, and being asleep. Obviously I have thought myself (the ego), to believe there is a difference, in order to convince myself that I am real. Which when I come to think about it is nuts, cause I'm real either way.

Why am I writing a blog post like this on a site like this? Well why not?

I could make this a long one, but since I expect the audience on this site to be short, I'll cut this short. :-)

Bye now.
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Smider du lige en besked når du skriver den på dansk også??
Hvis jeg skriver den på dansk, skal jeg nok lige droppe en mønt hos dig Broder E.D


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