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Falcon dreaming

Udgivet 21/07 - 2016
So I have this stone called a Falcons eye. (you can see a picture of it in my private album). And I wanted to take this time to describe how to utilize one of its specific properties. This idea came to me after I read about the Falcon eye online. It was described to be good for visualization and achieving clarity. So I thought to myself ”hmm, I wonder what would happen if I put this between my pillows at night. I was thinking it might assist me somehow with dreaming. And so I tried it, and to my amazement I could very clearly recall the dream I had had just upon waking up the morning after. I also felt as if I understood somewhat what the dream had been about, even though it was a strange scenario. I’m not gonna go into great detail about the dream, because honestly I don’t remember much of what it was about at this point. Actually the memory of the dream was very fast fleeting, even more than usual. I assume this is due to me processing it, reflecting upon it and understanding it so quickly.

Since then I’ve been sleeping with it there almost every night. It also seems to enable me to more easily become more lucid when dreaming. I bet this would be a great stone for anyone practicing lucid dreaming to have.

So yeah, if you have one and like myself enjoy the process of dreaming, I recommend trying this.
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