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Time (Englishk)

Udgivet 15/04 kl. 1:45
Time. What is it? Is it something moving from the past toward the future? Or is past and future the two ends of time, and we are the ones moving, not time itself. One thing is certain, time has to do with movement.

I guess a lot of people think of time as something separate from space. People tend to separate what they can don't they. The good from the evil, the hot from the cold and so on. Time has been called the fourth dimension. The first three dimensions (length width and depth) are the three "spacial dimensions" making up our three-dimensional reality of space. But in reality time is no less a spacial dimension. Duration is a measurment of distance, just like miles or meters. There's a certain distance from this reality we are currently inhabiting, where you are now reading this sentence, to the reality a few seconds away, when you are done reading this sentence. There's also a certain (unknown to me) distance from this moment, where I am writing this sentence to the moment when you're reading it. In essence you are reading a different sentence that the one I wrote originally. It supposedly says the same thing, consists of the same words in the same sequence. But the moment you read it, you are inhabiting a new and different reality than the one I'm currently situated in. In fact by now, should I go back and read what I just wrote, it's already another sentence. Even as I write these here words, I'm shifting from instant to instant, or reality to reality. This is what motion is. Movement or motion is shifting realities. It happens constantly, more times than you can count, every second. In a way that second is the measurement of shifting X number of instants, moments or realities. Call it what you will.

There's a reason it is called a timeline. What is a line but a distance? The timeline is what connects the points of time. And I mean points like in the geometric sense of the word. A point in time is what I also call an instant, or a moment. Calling it a moment isn't really correct terminology though. At least not in my understanding. 

These are just some of my thoughts on time. I could go on about how time is an illusion, and how the only time there truly is is now. And that is the moment. THE moment. Which is why calling an instant a moment is wrong, they're different (yet related) things.

I'll let you do your own thinking, and draw your own conclusions. I don't claim any of what I have written here is an absolute truth. It is but my truth.
I'll have to stop myself here before I get too into truth though. That's a subject for another day. 

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