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Udgivet 16/02 kl. 23:38Opdateret 17/02 kl. 11:092017-02-16
I realize I'm a very polarized person. Especially when it comes to people. See, I simultaneously love and hate people. On the one hand we human beings are magnificent creatures with huge potential. On the other hand some of us are downright evil scumbags.
And of course some of us are stupid, retarded, moronic, idiots. (fun fact, idiot is an idiotic word). 
I often find myself conflicted, because by nature I'm a social animal. I sometimes find myself desperately longing for companionship, friendship, someone capable of an intelligent conversation. But then I look around and see none compatible with me. I mean, I have grown rather strange from spending so much time in my own company. Not that I mind neither being strange nor my own company. It has just made it difficult for me to satisfy my social needs, not to mention some physical needs too, although I suppose if I really wanted to I could find a sex partner no problem. But I'm not really into shallow sex, because sharing such an intimate experience with another person creates a bond of sorts, even if you never see that person again. And having an unfulfilled bond of that sorts can really mess up a person (or at least so I believe).

Right now I'm probably writing this blog more for myself than for anyone reading it (especially because I don't imagine it being read much). 

Anyway, if you do read it, feel free to leave a comment or whatever.

I've been Bobby. 
Thank you.
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Kommentering er er ikke muligt, da du ikke er logget ind.

AMEN! haha....
Men altså jeg kan kun være enig og føler det også selv. Hader seriøst også den der dualisme som jeg har. På den ene side vil jeg godt lære og mødes mennesker. Men når jeg så skriver med dem opdager jeg at de endnu engang bare at de mangler en dybde. Men har lært mig selv at hoppe videre til den næsten selvom jeg får lyst til at skyde mig selv hvergang jeg oplever det.... Men altså fuck mig nu bare hårdt med en strap on......jeg hader den side af mig der lyster efter noget socialt
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If you posses the ability to imagine it, you have the power to grasp it.

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