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Udgivet 15/08 - 2022
sometimes you gotta go against your heart
sometimes you gotta loose somebody, so you can save yourself
to keep you from breaking apart
they'll try'n tell you, your nobody
believe me anyway, what i say I know damn well
but now were here, out of our shell
and I wouldn't expect nothing else from such a sequel
I can’t be the only
One that hurts tonight
I can’t be the only
One who’s lost inside
I can’t be the only
One to wait for signs
I can’t be the only
I can’t be the only

x2 - I’m a double hurt single body
following from bad dreams
with a lonesome team standing with only me
and all i really want, is a tree with our initials living free
but now
we are not friends or enemies, we are just strangers with memories
and it hurts me everytime
when I think of times you probably don't even remember
caution tape hit when i got sober
a cold shoulder felt like standing inside december
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