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What i need from my voice
To say what you wan’t and don’t feel suppressed about it.

Udgivet 14/11 - 2021
Ever feel like the voice inside of your head shrinking, because you're trying to a achieve or sense someone elses goal of what's acceptable? 

I'm tired everyday, waking up with no energy left
hoping tomorrow will be better, not a grand theft
it's making no sense to me, why the person whom i wan't to be, is not okay..
where did it all go wrong, what choices did i choose or neglected to speak up about
suddenly, from where i stood, in my neighbourhood, i was less..
looked at like i was depressed.
all i felt was anchored, torn to pieces, held down in different types of leashes..
I just wish, somebody would have appreciated meeting me..
not acted up with fake smiles, masked their laughter followed with a few hollow sentiment speaches, that didn't had a grasp about who i cared to be with.
Nah, i've never really been me, never had a reason to, since that person weren't welcome, so threw him out, hid him away, what else should i have done, when trying to express that person resulted in diciplined actions, loud voices yelling at me, words telling me how wrong i was, a dissapointment, a failure, again and again..
So fucking sad, and you made me.
and i was the one who had to say I'am sorry..
Me against my whole family.. the whole world, where i'm not welcome..
Tried a million times to get away from you, from it all. Took my own life 3 times, but didn't do anything, not even telling you ''I'am not fine.. from a flat line
be as it may, when i'm up this last time, i'm getting away, one or the other way.

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